Free Premises Health Check

We offer free phone consultations to all GP practice staff (i.e. practice managers, business managers, GP partners etc). During the phone consultation we will provide advice and answer any queries you may have regarding your premises.

Following the free consultation you may decide to utilise some of the free assessments we can undertake on behalf of your practice/organisation.

FREE Notional Rent Reimbursement Assessment

Send us a copy of the latest or historic notional rent notification letter or District Valuers’ report (CMR6). We will then advise when the next review is due and whether a challenge/appeal to your rent would be appropriate.

FREE Notional Rent Abatement Calculation

Send us a copy of the initial abatement/funding agreement and any other relevant correspondence relating to the abatement. We will then advise on the parameters of the abatement that should be applied e.g. the term of the abatement and when it expires.

FREE Cost Rent Reimbursement Assessment

Provide confirmation of your current cost rent reimbursement and your latest District Valuers report and we will advise whether you could (or in our opinion should) switch to notional rent, how the process of switching to notional rent works and who to contact at the NHS to instigate the process.

FREE Surgery Lease Assessment

Send us a copy of your lease, confirmation of the rental reimbursement you receive from the NHS and the actual rent you are paying to the landlord. We will then advise:

  1. Whether there are any outstanding rent reviews that could be instigated.
  2. What the repair and maintenance obligations are under the lease and to ensure any retention of the current market rent (CMR) has been applied.
  3. When the lease is due for renewal and when that can be actioned.

FREE Pharmacy Lease Assessment

Send through a copy of your lease along with confirmation of your patient list size and current rent and we will advise:

  1. Whether the rent you charge is in line with the current market.
  2. Whether you have any outstanding reviews.
  3. When the lease is due for renewal and when it can be actioned.

FREE Service Charge Assessment

Send us a copy of your lease, lease plan, and latest service charge documents and schedules and we will seek to ensure you aren’t being charged for services you aren’t utilising or getting overcharged for the ones you are.

FREE Alternative Provider Lease Assessment

Send over any other leases you have in place at the surgery (i.e. dentist, physio, district nurses etc) and we will confirm whether an outstanding rent review can be instigated, when your next rent review is due and when the lease is due for renewal.

Should you wish to take advantage of any of the above, get in touch with one of our specialist general practice expert advisors to arrange your free phone consultation today.

Why choose us?

1 Highly Regarded

We can boast some of the biggest primary care providers and investors in the UK as clients.

2 Highly Experienced

Our specialist primary care team have a combined experience of more than 100 years working in the primary care sector.

3 Highly Professional

All our Chartered Surveyors and RICS registered valuers are specialist primary care surveyors and members of the RICS which means they are fully qualified and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

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