Fact sheet 2: What is a CMR1 Form?

A CMR1 form is an excel spreadsheet issued to Practices by the NHS/CCG in order to instigate the triennial Notional Rent Review process. The CMR1 form is used by NHS England and the District Valuer to determine the level of Notional Rent reimbursement practices receive. It is therefore essential that you fill in the form accurately and avoid any errors which could potentially result in a reduction to your Notional Rent.

Who fills in the form?

It is important you are pro-active with regards your Notional Rent reviews and advisable you contact NHS/CCG 1-2 months prior to your triennial review date to request a copy of the forms.

Ensure you follow these 6 simple steps in order to avoid the most common mistakes:

  • Include ALL usable space – this is on the CMR1a section of the form, all rooms and usable space such as; toilets, store cupboards, loft, basement will need to be included.
  • List each rooms usage correctly – again on the CMR1a section of the form you need to state the room usage with a specific number relating to the use. If you state a room usage incorrectly this can result in delays or a potential reduction in your Notional Rent.
  • Complete all sections – the form will tell you when a section is complete. Ensuring all boxes and sections are filled in will avoid the forms being returned to the practice, causing unnecessary delays in the rent review process.
  • Include the correct number of car parking space – A common mistake we come across is practices miscounting the number of car parking spaces. If this figure is less than the actual number of spaces at the practice you run the risk of not being reimbursed for all your car parking spaces.
  • Include any improvements – regardless of how minor you think they are, any improvements to the practice can result in an increase in notional rent reimbursement.
  • Detail any funding received for improvements and extensions – it is essential the total cost of the work, any funding received, and the practice contributions are accurately inputted on the form. Don’t always rely on NHS calculations as these may not include additional monies spent by practices during the works.

BW Healthcare Surveyors can offer free assistance to practices when completing their CMR1 forms. Should you have any questions or queries with regards the CMR1 forms or require support in the completion of the forms please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.


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